Renters or Tenants Insurance in Ohio – What to Consider?

Your newly-rented apartment or house should make you feel at home. Rental accommodation doesn’t just turn from house to home over night. Your personal belongings that adorns your house (say that signed Reds or Indians bat, if you are so lucky) helps you settle in to your new place and add a feeling of ownership to your rented property.

Annoyingly, your landlord’s policy may not provide coverage for everything. So how would you restore losses in the event of theft or account for damages due to a fire? Whether you’re renting in Columbus, Cleveland or Kent, a renters coverage policy is a must-have.  Renters insurance provides property crime coverage, individual natural calamities, bodily injuries, and water backup damages in a rented apartment.

Renters insurance in Ohio is quite expensive compared to the United States. The average cost per month will run you about $175 per year which is just about average in the pack. Naturally, even the most affordable renters policy in Ohio can be secured for the kind of low rates you can get in the Dakotas.

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Unique Laws

There are no federal laws in Ohio that mandate residents to have a renters policy. However, some property owners will require you to have a renters policy before signing the lease agreement. Protecting your personal belongings from property crime or damages is a no brainer with a renters policy. 

Renters insurance in Ohio offers protection to your entire household, so your choice of coverage should be worth the investment. If you opt for a policy that’s too low, the chances are that you won’t be getting the full compensation. Remember, this type of policy is viable for one year, after which you’re supposed to renew.


Ohio State is vulnerable to hot summers and cold winters due to the humid continental climate. Winters are extremely cold within the first ten days of December (10 degrees F) and below freezing point on most nights in Canfield city. The daily low-temperature drops to 22 degrees F in January and remains frozen until March when the late spring and early autumn kicks in.

Some of the most common natural crisis in Ohio include floods, storms, tornadoes, and winter storms. Other notable disasters that are less frequent are tropical storms, wildfires, and extreme heat.

According to a report, Ohio cities that record high-levels of natural perils include Columbiana, Ashland, Fairfield, Coshocton, Hardin, Darke, Lake, Lorain, Franklin, Geauga, Harrison, Jefferson, and more.

Meanwhile, cities such as Cleveland, Akron, and Dayton are less vulnerable to natural disasters,  according to Brockrestoration which offers peace of mind.


The levels of concern in Ohio State are slightly higher than the country’s overall. The United States reports an average of 56 percent concern about their everyday safety, with 10 percent coming from Ohio. Further, Ohio residents explained their personal experiences, which could explain the reasons behind their concerns. 

Sixty-five percent of Ohio’s residents are more concerned about trespassing when no one is at home. Burglary is the most prevalent property crime in Ohio, with up to 19 percent reported incidents in the safest cities.

The top 5 safest cities to consider in Ohio include Broadview Heights, Sagamore Hills, Olmsted Township, Clearcreek Township, North Ridgeville, Rocky River among others. These cities reported zero cases of property crime, according to the Safety Survey 2020.

Most Frequently Asked Question

What Risks Should I Consider in Ohio?

Renters insurance in Ohio does not cover damages caused by earthquakes and floods. While Ohio residents are at risk of natural disasters such as tornadoes and floods, it would be best to do an in-depth search about the policies that cover these disasters. Meanwhile, the amount of coverage will vary depending on your service provider.

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Our favorite insurers for Renting Ohioans

We can recommend Liberty Mutual, USAA or American Family Insurance. We like to use SuperMoney to make our insurance picking decisions. 

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