MVP Health Insurance Review – Why, Who and What?

As far as regional insurance companies go, MVP Healthcare is large, servicing more than 700,000 customers in Vermont and New York. It has been respected since it was founded in 1982. The plans they offer include family and individual health insurance coverage, as well as Medicare coverage.

Their single person rates range from $373 to $1900 per month. We looked up all their plans, as well as customer reviews and feedback, to give you this breakdown of their services by plan. If you’re on the fence about joining its 700,000 members, use this guide to figure out if you want to use their services and what plan you should get.

Available Health Plans (in Vermont and New York)

MVP Healthcare arranges its plans into four categories: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. There are six health plans available in bronze, silver, and gold, and three in platinum. Many of these plans offer customers an HSA option, but not all of them do. It’s important to note that none of them offer out-of-network coverage.

Let’s review these plans, starting from the top.

MVP Platinum Plan

A platinum plan is the most expensive one you can buy from MVP Healthcare. They offer low primary care copays from $5 to $15 and a $0 deductible. The price of prescription drugs with the platinum plan starts at $5, so customers can immediately reap the benefits of paying the highest per month premium that MVP offers.

MVP Gold Plan

There are six gold plans and only the highest one has a $0 deductible. After that, deductibles increase up to $1,600 for individual plans and $3,200 for family plans, with many plans falling somewhere in that range. Gold plans offer the same rates for prescription drugs as platinum plans but have higher copays for primary care visits ranging from $5 to $40.

MVP Silver Plan

Some of the six plans are compatible with HSA and feature maximum deductibles of $4,000 for individual plans and $8,000 for family plans. The lowest deductible featured is $1,800. Copays for primary care doctor’s visits range from $30 to $45 on silver plans, with specialist visits costing as much as $70.

MVP Bronze Plan

The bronze plan deductibles and coinsurance amounts vary wildly between the most and least expensive plans. Some have a 50% coinsurance amount, while the highest bronze plan features $0 copays for primary care visits. Deductibles for individuals can be as high as $6,550 or as low as $3,900 (for families that’s $13,100 and $7,800 respectively).

MVP Medicare Plan

MVP Healthcare offers four Medicare Advantage plans: primary care, Gold PPO, GoldValue, and WellSelect. The rates for these plans range from $0 for WellSelect and $120 per month for a Gold PPO. They also offer a SmartFund plan with no premium option, but with the ability to be upgraded with hearing, vision, and dental for $22 per month.

The $0 per month premium option will likely interest some customers. For highly rated Medicare Advantage services, MVP is well worth a look for customers in their area of service.


How Can I Find my MVP Rates?

MVP Healthcare has an easy search engine that allows customers to customize their preferences and their budget amount to view their projected deductibles. MVP rates change by area and by preference, so it’s important for each individual to look up their own rates, customized with budget requirements, family needs, and preferences.

The information presented above is based on a range of the plans available and could change slightly with different budget information. In general, however, if you’re shopping for health insurance in New York, you know that its rates run higher than most states in the country.

MVP Healthcare’s per month premiums range from $373 to $667 per month for individuals. Family plans range from $1,063 to $1,902 per month.

As a provider primarily of HMOs, MVP Healthcare processes claims quickly and can be reached directly by the insurer. Since none of their plans offer any coverage out-of-network, the insurer pays MVP directly out of pocket for all services.

While this means customers lack certain extra services available through other kinds of insurance services, it also simplifies the relationship between MVP and its customers.

Online Reviews and Ratings of MVP

This assessment of MVP Healthcare would be remiss for not including what other people have said about using their services. After all, a list of rates can only tell you so much about an insurance provider. The internet provides a wealth of resources to see what people are saying about MVP Healthcare and how their services have worked for them.

The first thing to mention is the Better Business Bureau, which rates businesses based on the number of unresolved complaints, the results of cases of arbitration, and any government action suits or legal gray areas. MVP Healthcare has an A+ rating and hardly any complaints on file.

Looking around for complaints on other sites reveals that MVP has about the same ratio everywhere, where there are a dozen or so complaints regarding a loss of coverage. However, in a company with 700,000 users, this is a fantastic track record.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance has its own rating system and has given MVP Healthcare 4.5/5. They score companies in several areas and MVP scored well in most, particularly in the customer review sections. The high copays for specialist visits were the main cause for complaint.

The Takeaway

MVP Healthcare offers services that are expensive compared to the rest of the United States but par for the course in New York and Vermont. It has a range of plans with varying monthly premiums, deductibles, coinsurance amounts, and copays, as well as individual, family plan, and Medicare plans as well.

With so many plans, it helps that MVP Healthcare’s search engine is easy to use and their customer ratings are high. Business ratings and customer satisfaction are significant factors in modern insurance shopping and MVP Healthcare ticks all the right boxes. If you’re in New York or Vermont, consider them as a valuable part of your healthcare search.

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