How to Choose the Best Auto Insurance In 2020

Auto insurance is a financial protection a car owner receives against any damage that happened to the car. It is not only a protection for the car but the owner’s financial liability against any mishap, such as accidents, damage, and injures, which can cost a few hundred dollars. 

In several countries and states, driving a car without auto insurance is considered illegal, and additional fines are levied on the owner. Additionally, the car owner might have to face license suspension and the impounding of the car. Read more about: Is it illegal to drive without insurance?

The primary purpose of having car insurance is to reimburse the amount required in repairing the car in case of any damage. Auto insurance can protect the vehicle and its owner in various cumbersome situations such as theft, fire, hail damage, animal damage, and vandalism. 

The various types of auto insurance

Every auto insurance policy comprises of various coverage components that offer exceptional protection against the damage. While some insurance companies offer liability coverage wherein property damage and bodily injury are covered, others provide personal injury protection. This coverage type bears all the medical expenses of the owner and passengers in case of a car collision. Therefore, it is imperative for the car owner to carefully select the coverage type and limits and deductibles for each.

Shop around

Auto insurance can vary according to the policies set by various companies. So before planning to get car insurance, the vehicle owners must get at least 4 to 5 quotations from the insurance companies. This will help pen down the best-priced company offering full coverage features. Besides price, it is necessary to look for recommendations from peers and family and pick a customer-centric company with good reviews.

Comparison of insurance cost

Before investing in a brand new or second-hand car, it is necessary to compare the insurance costs. The car insurance premium depends on car valuation, repair costs, and unforeseen damages or theft. Various insurers offer added discounts to reduce the potential risk of theft or injury.

Ask for higher deductibles

The car owner can negotiate with the insurance companies to avail of high deductibles that they have to pay before the premium starts. A higher deductible reduces the premium charges by a considerable percentage.

Reduce coverage on old cars

If the car’s estimated valuation is less than 10 times the value of the insurance premium, purchasing collision or comprehensive coverage is cost-effective. This is because the maximum payout depends upon the valuation of the car.

Maintain a good credit score

Car owners having a good credit score can avail potential discounts on their premium cost. Several insurers use the credit information of the owners to price the auto insurance policies. So, pay bills on time and maintain a low credit balance and avail lower car insurance rates.

Opt for local and regional insurers

Other than going after the branded auto insurance companies, it is preferable to do due diligence on the local and regional companies’ offerings. They might offer a lower interest rate with higher customer satisfaction. 


Auto insurance need not be highly expensive; instead, it must cover all the necessary policies to safeguard the car and its owner. Various insurance companies also offer additional coverage like paying the cash value of the car if it is totaled or stolen, providing rental car coverage, or roadside assistance, which can add value to the car insurance policies. It is beneficial to ask the insurer’s opinion for availing the best car insurance befitting one’s requirements. But it is the overall insurance cost on which the owner must think about.

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  2. This article is making buying an auto insurance much easier now and indeed provide few useful tips car owners can actually use in their future insurance purchase.

  3. James Richardson

    Great advice! I will use these tips to get the best auto insurance i can get. I did not know that i could ask for a higher deductible.

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