Estrella Insurance: A Review and Summary

Estrella Insurance, Inc. is a US-based coverage located in FL. Estrella Insurance, Inc. was named after the Mr. Estrella himself after completing his career in Life and Health Insurance. He ventured out into almost all fields of insurance but most specialized in Auto Insurance. In 1980, Mr Estrella launched his first insurance company in South Florida and was noted for his auto insurance packages. After a few years of working with franchises, Estrella Insurance diversified to 51 regions in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade counties. Currently, Estrella is available in three states – Florida, Arizona, and California, but they will soon set up offices in Ohio and Texas.

Estrella Insurance’s Products

1. Auto Insurance

In the case of an accident, Auto Insurance will help you retrieve a financial loss. So why should you seek coverage with Estrella? Estrella Insurance has developed good relationships with carriers, including renowned insurance agencies.

More often, their agents will compare prices among the best insurance companies and allow you to choose the best coverage with the affordable rates. Finding the right auto insurance is essential to help with budget cuts or financial loss. Therefore, before settling for any coverage, make sure to have a clear understanding of its policies.

Types of Coverages

Auto Insurance typically offers three major types of coverage. Such include:

  • Property Coverage: Accounts for any property damage or loss. For example, theft of your car.
  • Liability Coverage: Offers full responsibilities to bodily injuries and damages caused by the policyholder.
  • Medical Coverage: Covers the entire medical expenses for bodily injuries and also, funeral expenses.

2. Homeowners Insurance

Let’s face it – your home is the most crucial investment you can ever have, and as such, you should insure it with Homeowners Insurance. Don’t worry about finding the right one because their agents are always available to help you out. Again, they will help you compare rates from competitive companies available in the industry.  

3. Health Insurance

If you’re looking for health insurance coverage, Estrella Insurance should be your one-stop coverage. Although the policies around health keep on changing, Estrella will always come in to guide you on the best choice. And because your health is a critical aspect of your life, paying medical bills without health insurance coverage can be difficult. Estrella is here to help you with any problem, including choosing the best health coverage for your family.

4. Bonus: Business Insurance

More often, we opt for insurance for protection reasons. With Estrella Insurance, you can protect your business against any form of harm. Their professional agents will help you leverage options from competitive insurance companies to find the right coverage for your needs. Meanwhile, they offer business insurance policies such as Business Owners Policies, Workers Compensation Insurance, and General Liability inclusive one policy.

5. Bonus: Commercial Insurance

Despite specializing in Auto Insurance, Estrella Insurance offers a variety of coverage options for your Commercial Auto at affordable rates. Besides, they have professional agents to provide solutions to any problem, while helping you find the right coverage that’s up to your needs.

Also, with the Commercial Insurance options, your business is assured of protection. They can insure your business auto, contractors, transportation, restaurant deliveries, and more.

Estrella Insurance’s Customer Reviews


  • Excellent customer service. Estrella’s agents are very professional in everything they do. They will always help you find the best coverage with affordable rates. Also, they are intelligent enough to handle any problem.
  • Estrella’s agents are patient, and they explain everything to a tee. Like they say, ” time is money,” Estrella’s agents don’t keep their customers waiting for long. Their services are always fast.
  • Customers love their services as they are always willing to help out with anything. Besides, they are well-knowledgeable and highly recommended.
  • Their schedules are always flexible – whether you’re a full-time businessman or part-time, Estrella got your needs covered. Their attention is also exceptional.
  • When it comes to business and car insurance, Estrella is a one-stop coverage. The team will help you find the right coverage while comparing rates from competitive companies.
  • The team is amicable and understanding. As such, you can discuss your rates without any pressure.
  • The experience is top-notch. Unlike other insurance companies that require you to pay the full amount for the policy, Estrella will let you process an upfront payment. As such, any user can recommend it to anyone looking for coverage.
  • The staff at the reception are very warm-hearted. The grand reception makes its customers feel at home even before you know it. They also have a variety of policies to choose from. And yes, they are time-sensitive, so you can always pay them a visit in the morning before going to work. Estrella Insurance Inc. is 100% recommended!


  • There is a misunderstanding in their policy laws. Although they claim to allow cancellation, it’s impossible to cancel the policy. A customer raised a complaint after several attempts to cancel her policy, after which, she was asked to email her credentials. Unsurprisingly, they still went ahead to charge for the policy before they could cancel.
  • They don’t value transparency as they claim. They once issued a full auto coverage rate to one of its customers, after which a contract was signed, and upfront payment is made. A few weeks later, the customer realized that Estrella was demanding a lot more than the scheduled payments. Upon consulting with them, they argued that they couldn’t spot an incident in his driving report.


The American insurance market is a tough one. It’s home to highly innovative insurance companies all competing for a slice of the pie. Estrella didn’t emerge in a vacuum yet has seemed to have found its niche in Florida and California, something undoubtedly helped by their wide access to Spanish speaking agents. If you’re convinced, click here to find an Estrella location close to you.

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