Best Renters Insurance Providers in Arizona

Renters insurance is a necessity for some landlords.  This may or may not be required, but you should still be aware of all of the possible coverage you may need to have.  You should be aware that not all of your apartment and items are covered under insurance. 

The overall building or apartment is covered under insurance, but this is through a different policy. In contrast, your items are not covered under insurance unless you have renters insurance, which makes this a valuable insurance to purchase for your belongings’ overall safety and security.  Another great benefit of having this insurance is the coverage of liability. 

Because of the recommendation of purchasing renter’s insurance, you need to know which insurance is the best. Here is a listed selection of popular renter’s insurance businesses in Arizona.  These companies offer affordable insurance rates. 

You can determine which renter’s insurance is best for your particular financial situation by analyzing the cost and other important factors. 

State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance is most known for its great insurance rates and highly recommended customer service.  State Farm is the most highly recommended renter’s insurance for Arizona citizens because of their financial options and customer-related service options. 

The overall price for State Farm Insurance is $12 a month for optimal coverage.  This is a steep decrease compared to other insurance companies.  Twelve dollars a month is 30% less than the usual national insurance rates. 

Another great feature of State Farm Insurance is their positive customer service experiences.  State Farm insurance’s overall complaint rate is significantly less than comparable insurance companies, which substantially benefits when you are experiencing problems or need answers to specific insurance-related questions. 

Another great benefit to choosing State Farm is their discount features that allow you to save more than you even planned on.  State Farm is a well-known insurance company that you will enjoy having at a low price. 

Travelers Insurance

Travelers insurance is considered the best option for long-term renting.  Because this insurance company provides excellent coverage that meets your specific needs, you will need Travelers Insurance.  The average monthly cost is $17 a month. 

Along with the cost-efficient monthly insurance cost, there are also many added optional features and benefits you can take advantage of.  Other valuable assets to this insurance plan are their extended liability and equipment failure coverage.  There are also water protections, which is not a typical service covered by other insurance providers. 

Along with the many advantages of choosing this insurance provider, there are a few disadvantages as well that you should be aware of.  To have Travelers Insurance, you need to purchase a policy for an entire year, which can be costly for many customers.  This insurance does not have any alternative payment plans, which is a significant drawback for many customers. 

Another valuable factor you need to also keep in mind is that the customer service is not stellar.  Many customers remark that their questions and comments are not answered or solved correctly, which should be carefully monitored. 

Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance is a great insurance option for senior citizens who are retired.  Many advantageous discount options are financially effective.  All-State offers many affordable options that range from $14 per month, which is only two dollars more expensive than its competitor State Farm.

Alongside the cost-effective feature, there are other discounts you should consider with this particular insurance policy.  Allstate provides more discounters than usual renters insurance for retirees over 55.  These assist older renters to save their money every month. 

Some beneficial features of this insurance policy include:

  • Home safety and protection
  • Claim-free discounts
  • Bundle savings options

Another consideration for Allstate insurance is that their customer service and coverage options are considered average compared to better customer service options from comparable insurance companies.  If you place a high value on customer interaction, you should evaluate and consider whether Allstate can adequately provide services that meet your needs. 

How to Choose Renter’s Insurance?

There are a wide variety of factors used when deciding which renter’s insurance is best in Arizona.  Some of the factors that help you choose are:

  • Affordability
  • Customer service
  • Coverage choices

All of the listed factors are important to have when considering which option is best for your particular situation.  Affordability is important because it determines the price you are willing to pay every month or year, and you should compare each insurance companies rates to its competitors. 

Alongside affordability, you need to also analyze the coverage options with each insurance policy.  This includes reading all of the benefits and disadvantages that will help ease and help your renter’s insurance policy work in your favor. 

The last consideration you need to keep in mind is the level of satisfactory customer service each insurance company provides.  Customer service is a valuable asset that you will need to rely on and trust when you encounter issues and questions. 

Customer service should be highly regarded and positive, which is helpful when you are filing a claim. 

Comparing Insurance Benefits

Every renter’s insurance company provides a selection of discounts, but each value varies from the other.  One particular discount option is the bundling discount.  Bundling discounts occur when an insurer offers you a discount on your insurance when purchasing many policies from them. 

A bundling discount can lead to increased savings over time, but you are spending more on your monthly bill, which can average over $100 per month. 

Other benefits you can consider when choosing your insurance policy include:

  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Valuables coverage
  • Equipment breakdown coverage

All of the listed benefits provide coverage in extenuating circumstances that should be offered by your insurance company.  If none of the listed options are provided in your policy, you should reconsider. 

Losing your valuables is a stressful experience, and it should be adequately covered by your insurance company, along with any items that are damaged or stolen.  All of these considerations are damages that are outside your control; therefore, they should all be covered under your chosen insurance policy.  

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